Pura Vida

Well, it has been a few weeks since the launch of this site and I have received a ton of hits and a ton of really positive feedback, and for that I am very grateful. These days, I feel like it is so tough to get anyone to notice you or even care about something for more than a few seconds so again, A MILLION THANKS. Anyway, I recently had a birthday that came and went with such a bang, it was felt by a ton of people that were a part of it. Had a great dinner with my squad, sat in the Legends seats at Yankee Stadium for Yanks/Angels and had a banger of epic proportions at my new spot and an unbelievable amount of people come through and partake in the celebrations. A few days later I boarded a plane and headed down to Jaco, Costa Rica. What a fantastic place, beautiful beaches, beautiful people and a very awe inspiring place to be. I threw a few pics up in my travel section. Spent a lot of time partying with quite the motley cru and enjoyed some of the wonders that makes CR so enchanting. Thanks for stopping by. I'll be shooting quite a bunch this month so look out for some new content including the Dillinger Escape Plan, The Men, Obits, OFF!, and Swans. Stay wild!




Hello! Welcome to my new webpage. I hope you like what you see and thank you for your support. Just returned from a few weeks on the road with time spent in Southern California and a stretch down the east coast shooting the BIG SOUNDS of Rocket From the Crypt. I have become obsessed with photography and visual arts over the past few years and this blog and webpage will serve as a place where I can hopefully share what I love so much, with you. Thanks again, stay tuned!